14 July 2010

Food Variety

"Why are you molesting fruit?"
I'm not, it was consensual and I swear they told me they weren't under ripe. Anyways, I was just hugging a fruit.

Well.....I may have done more than hug them.....once they passed my lips. Yummy breakfast cereal/fruit spread:
Oh my gosh. It was so early that it was still dark out when I took that picture. It was so humid that I couldn't even eat outside. Did I want to go on my bike ride? no. Ick, no.

But I did for 12 miles and when we were done Bikerella didn't want to go back in her cage (aka, the van.) She attacked me.
I consoled myself with coconut yogurt for a post workout refuel.
Lunch was the best, best, best everrrr. This week I am having a different breakfast every day and a different sandwich every day. This way I am not stuck in my oatmeal rut and I am using up the bread in my freezer.
Grilled cheese on a whole wheat bun? With tomato and onion? OMG, sign me up!
Confession: I love American Cheese. I still make fun of the fact that it is the only cheese to our name.

The boys have inhaled the cookies I made last week so I made some new ones. This time, White chocolate macadamia nut cookies:
Oh good lord these are deadly.
I'm currently in love with this huge Southern Living cookbook we have. It's basically everything you would ever want to know about cooking in a book.
There are nine cookie recipes. The Macaroons, Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies are all from that book. My goal is to make them all.
(I sort of have a history of being a cookie baking fiend.)

So, for an afternoon snack I ate this guy*:
*Correction, I tried to eat that Larabar. That thing was horrible. Plain awful. I couldn't finish it. I threw it away.
If those things are your jam, I'm sorry. Not for me....


  1. can i just say again HOW GORGOEUS YOU ARE! your hair too, omg looks so pretty!

    it was horrible the larabar? oh no! i was just going to say "wow never seen that one, need to run out and see if we have it then snatch one up".. now im thinking otherwise... but it says "chocolate coconut chew!!" thats terribly misleading..sounds so delicious. oh well, ive had that happen with a few bars too!


  2. I love grilled sandwiches! With melted cheese...and veggies, oh I dreaming with my eyes open :)

  3. LOLLOLOLOL oh you're too funny! And I totally agree about that flavor Larabar. How did it ever get out of the lab???

    LOVE your hug-a-fruit photo (and I agree with Kelsey, but I think I've already told you that).