28 July 2010

The day of the Nut Butters

I've never really had any luck with steel cut oats. I've always felt like they have tons of promise but can never end up with a product of that promise. A few weeks ago I found the steel cut oat tutorial on .seek. and realized that my steel cut oat can suggested one cup of water to 1/3 cup of oats as opposed to 1/4 cup oats to 1 1/4 cups water....um. wow. Also, the cooking time is 20 minutes on the can.....about 45 minutes according to Amanda. Well then....seems like someone is probably wrong and someone is right....So I followed the tutorial and got this:
Oh yeah, I took another tip from her and mixed apple sauce with almond butter. Loved it.
First steel cut oat success. Also very, very filling.

After some core yoga seriously kicking my ass (I am not without yoga mat wounds) I debated: To dairy or not to dairy.
Oh yeah, I went for it. Full force with a bowl of Greek yogurt AND Kefir plus some maple pecan granola. Clearly the right choice.

I spent the morning drinking tons and tons of water for detox action (I got a little overzealous with the soda the last two days and it made me feel off [note: too much soda for Kittie means soda more than one day in a row. It's like delicious fizzy poison.])

I made something awesome for lunch. Okay, it was really simple but to me it was awesome.
So you know how I hate peanut butter? Perhaps you don't, but now you do. Well, I always ate peanut butter sandwiches with sunflower seeds and honey to mask the flavor of peanut butter. I never discovered other nut butters until this spring. Well, I have some SUNFLOWER SEED butter....why not skip the peanut butter and just add honey? And so I did:
"Hey, you missed a corner." No I didn't. It's for this:
RICEMELLOW! I've never tried a fluffernutter...so I figured it was time to.
It was raining when I made my lunch so I curled up by the window with a magazine...
.....and my delicious sandwich. Best idea ever. (Also best celery ever. It is SOOO good. Weird.)

I spent some time with my mom and a little snackity in the afternoon:
So I figured I'd try everyone's favorite Larabar. Um..it's like cashew cookie but gross. Reminder: You hate everything peanut, Kittie.

But dinner was ohmygosh good.
Okra fries plus leftover yucca fries and sauteed green beans with a little pita pizza.
Marinara, spinach, tomato, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, olive, feta, and string cheese.
Top it off with an apple and some more of the most amazing salted dark chocolate that has ever graced my lips.

Oh, I've been holding out on you. On Sunday when the BGFF and I hung out he wanted to go back to the Asian market to get some insanely spicy Ramen and I....couldn't resist these:

"I love honey. Do you love honey?"
"Let me try first. Delicious good!"
Adorable baby spoons.


  1. Steelies! Looooove them. So glad that you found the tutorial helpful, and that your oats turned out well :D They seriously look delish, and now I can't wait until breakfast... even thought it's only dinner :(

    And I have those dairy debates quite often. I'm still not sure how dairy affects my stomach, so I always kind of feel like I'm taking a chance with dairy, but in the end... dairy always wins out... it's just too delicious.

  2. Your spoons always make me smile. I'm supposed to make my mom flutternutters, actually.

  3. WOOT! Greek yog. is so amazing for you! <3

    i wish i was at that yoga class. my wednesday one is student taught cuz its only 5 bucks and usually the student teacher whips us into shape but this time it was some lady who went SO EASY on us that everyone in class was pissed off hoping they were gonna get a good ass whoopin lol.

    ps. u probably find u have no issue with greek yogurt. most people with dairy issues tend to do quite well with greek from what ive found.

    pss. ur baby bear bowl is especially adorable! omg awe he got into the honey hehe <3