08 July 2010

Sin City

1. That's a damned good movie. (And I may be biased because of my love or Frank Miller/his contributions to Wolverine but I really think not.)
2. Sometimes "sin" is medicine.

My Cookbook Project is going incredibly well: I have made Ratatouille, pumpkin pie spice, baked apples, roasted potatoes, macaroons, and chocolate chip cookies, and figured out cake flour substitutions without Googling a single word. Tonight I have two more things planned, also from cookbooks.

"Um, did you say macaroons? ....What about chocolate chip cookies? I thought you were healthy."
I am. Health is mind and body.
I was reading a cookbook this morning and there was a recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I always take "best" recipes as a challenge. I have to try them and decide for myself. So I "sinned" and made me some chocolate chip cookies:
I actually haven't tried one (intuitive eater Kittie said: not hungry) but they smell and look gorgeous.

And some macaroons:
"Why macaroons?"
Because I am also working on "Operation don't go to the grocery store" because I want to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry and I had an abundance of coconut. As a matter of fact the chocolate chips I used for the other cookies I was also trying to get rid of. (they were chunks, I don't like chunks. I wanted to open my bag of chocolate chips.)

Another thing I used up? A jar of almond butter! *gleams with pride*
Overnight oats were in order.

For lunch I wanted breakfast and I wanted to use up some veggies and my pack of wraps. Breakfast burrito, anyone?
I sauteed up some onions and mushrooms:
Cooked down some diced tomato:
Cooked down some spinach in garlic:
And topped it off with two egg whites and string cheese:

I would also like to inform all of you of a few things:
A Larabar a day keeps the doctor away.
Ratatouille goes very well with quinoa.
Pumpkin Pie Spice is fun to make. Kittie is #1.


  1. Macaroons are my favorite! And your breakfast burrito looks great.

  2. cookbook project!! mine is seriously piling up and i really need to get on it! my brothers have been visiting a lot and i cant find the time to bake cuz theyre always in the kitchen annoying me lol

    haha love u showed us the bottom of the container! LOOKS NOM NOM FOR SURE! <3