04 August 2010

Baby's got a Brand new Ring

..of the nose variety:
Awh shit yeah! Septum! The needle went in like buttah ;)
Oh, and check out my teapot necklace. I got it when I got the bow. LOVE.
With the bangz. The old nose ring is now sportin' a little purple rhinestone stud.

Alright, alright. Enough about me let's talk about food. Well, when I'm on the road I tend to get a bit creative with my eats. I have this thing where I really like to still eat "my food" which is annoying if I haven't brought said food. So what do I do? I bring it. This was my lunch yesterday:
It starred two secret ingredients:
Mr. Honey Bear... ...and Hot sauce.

There was also spinach, the last piece of baked tofu, salt, pepper, and cucumber on it. I love spicy/sweet. Mmmm.

After I got my septum stabbed we went out for sushi. I adore sushi. I think it's the nori. If you don't remember, I eat nori straight.
Sorry for the bad picture of my cucumber roll I blame ambiance. I had a picture of my miso soup as well but it was horrible and there was a bowl of edamame. I had a few pods.

This morning I tried another of the Nature's Path Hot Oatmeal packs.
Apple cinnamon had more "apple" than maple nut did nuts.
I am now sipping on that bowl of coffee while blogging/reading blogs.

Have a great Wednesday bloggies!


  1. Ooo, girl, you're rockin' the nose ring! Needles seriously scare me, otherwise I'd probably would pierce more than just my ears. As it stands, even THAT was a struggle. Seriously... I almost fainted and had to be carried out. No shame ;)

    Love the teapot necklace; super cute!

  2. Cute ring and necklace! I've only been brave enough to get my ears pierced.

    Woah I never would have thought to put honey and hot sauce together. Though sweet + salty = win, so I'd try it! :)

  3. i want a facial piercing of some kind.. i was thinking of a munroe piercing maybe. i love ur nose ring! so harcore but quite feminine too <3 <3

  4. Awesome piercing! I have my tongue pierced. :)