30 August 2010

Hooked on Phonics and Tweaking on Literature.

I am tweaking out. Bouncing in my seat, squealing, jumping at random moments (mostly alone), blaring Bach, brewing decaf hazelnut coffee, shaking, the whole deal. Why? Why you ask? WHY? Because today this little herbivore had her first day of classes as a college SOPHOMORE!

Technically the day is not over, I have a 6:35 pm class. Why so late? It's OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMY!!!! *feelings of pure LOVE* (I'm an Astro minor)

This is what I live for, you guys. This is what makes my world turn, this is the absolute only thing that can kick me into gear. Oh, someone pinch me. (I think my roommate wants to...)

This weekend I spent hours reading my new text books so I'm like....so far ahead of everyone else it's a little silly but oh dear lord I'm happy!

This morning I nourished my brain with an incredibly balanced bowl full of everything I need!
  • 3/4c Kix
  • 1/3c Kashi honey H2H
  • 1/3c yogurt
  • 1/2 white peach
  • Sun Butter
  • Almond milk
We haven't brought up the microwave yet so I'm workin' with cold breakfasts but I have really liked these bowls!

Then I headed to Intermediate French. (yikes! It's been two years since I finished my third year of French)

Don't I look studious?
It went really well! I remembered so much and was able to answer Madam's questions fairly easily.

After that I booked it to Intro to Philosophy where I have read ahead three sections heh....my professor reminds me of what Leonard from The Big Bang Theory would be like in real life and as a middle aged man! He tweaks out, too!

I went to the cafeteria for lunch (meal plan) and to my surprise they had baked potatoes today! I usually can only get a salad there and I had brought some crackers and an apple to supplement but I got to save them!
Broccoli and green onions on my potato with a big ol' salad on the side.
Lookie what I found at the salad bar! Artichoke! Wow, that's new!

I am so happy right now! I'm off to read the first book of the Odyssey! (English teaching major!) We get to read Hamlet in this course! My favorite!


  1. Love today's title! I'll never think of "hooked on phonics" in the same way again. :-) Glad you are back in your element.

  2. I'm glad you had such a great first day back! You're taking so many awesome classes. Astronomy sounds like fun and I love reading Hamlet too. I hope your second day is as good as your first. :)

  3. hey :)
    I've stumbled by a few times, and your school related happiness is so infectious (not that I'm going to school anymore, but still).
    Also, I quite want to meet your professor...is that weird??
    Enjoy astronomy :)