21 August 2010


Say what?

I just saw this on TV and I wish I could tell everyone that a blender or a food processor works just as well...
I made this the other day with a baby food processor. It's not very powerful and holds just over a cup.
Frozen mango + banana in a food processor= better than "Yonanas"
Seriously? Yonanas? Add that to the list of things I don't need.

Speaking of frozen treats, today I did two things that frighten me. Well one thing, but I did it twice. Eating without my measuring cups, nutrition labels, and food scale. I'll admit to cheating a teeeensy bit....well. on top of knowing calorie counts to just about everything....I looked up the specifics before I went....and at a froyo place you sort of find out how much it weighs but....but...still.

Mom and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for the salad bar.
I love that they have raw, sliced zucchini.
I did not get a window seat :/ I would have asked for one but my mom knew the waitress and she got seated there specially.
I had some diet poison for the first time in over a week.

While sitting there my heart started beating oddly. It was like a deep, heavy, slow drum beat and it hurt and I was shivering a lot because I was cold. I have no idea why. It sucked. What does that mean? Kittie is taking a rest day tomorrow.

Back to frozen treats. We went to a froyo place that opened up here this summer. I sampled the red velvet and banana and got those along with vanilla.
I put strawberries, a couple chocolate chips, and raspberries on top.
Okay, funny story:
My mom got a sample of Euro Tart. She put it in her sample cup without my knowledge. Before she took a taste I asked what she got. She told me as she took a bite.
I said "Uh, it's gonna taste like yogurt, mom." I said this because I know my mother's affinity for sugar laden foods.
She makes the most disgusted face and RUNS to the trash can to throw it away before I say "no no no! Let me taste!"
It was so good. SOOO good. We're going back next week and I'm getting that.

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