29 August 2010

I lied.

I didn't mean to....but when I said I'd be back later yesterday, I guess I meant I'd be back today. My roommate/best college friend moved in yesterday and her bf/fiance deployed yesterday so I was with her....just to be there.

Anyways, it was more important than blogging, to say the least. But I wanna show you this:
Isn't that a cool picture? I just love it!

(I asked my father if everyone had this much Hello Kitty stuff [that isn't the half of it, btw] He said "Oh yeah....in Japan." I'll take that... :))
And of course....
Little bag 'O flax seed in the corner ;)
Wrap with cheese, hummus, spinach,and basil.The life of a foodie....

Dinner last night wasn't very foodie-inspired. I wanted a salad but the roomie and I were out too late and the cafe was closed so Wendy's happened. I got a side salad (pathetic) and a baked potato. Cottage cheese was added to the salad and Smart Balance and reduced sugar ketchup to the potato.

I have a confession...I've been bad. Not horrible, but a little bad. Since Friday I have been slightly restricting because I'm afraid of gaining here....this morning's breakfast sort of broke the restriction a bit because I realized I was doing it. Plus I realized I was hungry....but...I'm just going to keep trying and doing my best.
  • 1/3c Oatmeal squares
  • 3/4c Kix
  • 1/3 c peach yogurt
  • Sun Butter
  • Coconut
I also had half a peach with it. Today will be a better day, Kittie pledges to do better.


  1. its all laid out so beautifully!! awe home sweet home for now right ;)
    i had a bunny just like ur stuffed bunny rabbit!! hehe, i love having my stuffed animals with me <3

    it would be hard to always eat the right amounts recommended for your body, but like u mentioned, the key is to recognized when you're doing it...and rather than judge it, find ways to do the opposite.. i guess like baby steps. one day at a time <3


  2. Hey, I linked a post back to you the other day, so I thought I should probably comment on your blog, seeing as I have been reading for a while.

    Your room is beautiful. I especially like the collection of stuffed animals on your bed- mine is similar!

    I know its hard to eat in different situations, I find that the most challenging. But my dietician said: "You still have to fuel your car, even if you drive in a different town, so why shouldn't you fuel yourself in a different situation?" It pretty much left me speechless.
    I hope you can continue to honour your hunger and nourish your mind, body and soul.