08 August 2010

Crave Days

Sorry for my absence. I had a very busy Saturday filled with shopping with my mom and meeting up with my BFF. Just BFF. She's the tip-top but she's been gone all summer until now.

This morning I made some more ugly pancakes:
These were oat bran based pancakes. I really thought they weren't going to flip but you just have to be patient. They flipped perfectly. Sometimes Kittie gets too curious. It makes her impatient.
They satisfied my craving for the texture of oats and what has become my weekly pancake meal.
I ate these as my post bike ride meal because I know that it's best not to eat before workouts but it's what I do everyday. Today I ate some dates pre-workout. If I notice a difference in energy, I'll switch but today I was a little woozy afterward.

I wasn't horribly hungry at noon and I figured it was probably because I wasn't excited about anything. I hadn't restocked on groceries since returning home and so I went to the grocery store.

I have been craving salsa, tortillas, the crunch of chips and cereal so I bought all those things except the chips.

I got home and made a sandwich
Spicy hummus, tomatillo sauce, picante sauce, tomato, onion, romaine, sweet peppers.
I ate it with some peaches and a little salad with basically all of what was on the thin except for hummus.
After doing some chores, organizing, and taking a short nap I made a snack.
This was the perfect snack. Perfect. It can't be improved....well, Greek yogurt would improve it but it's "cheap yogurt" week. I go back and forth to save money.
Vanilla yogurt, cantaloupe, and cinnamon puffins.
(After my snack I did something....pretty amazing, really. Well, I wanted more Puffins but...I already measured and ate my serving. I took a few minutes and decided to see if just satisfying my craving (was possible without binging and) would make me forget about it. I ate four or five puffins. Straight. From. The. Box. Then I closed it, put it away, and was satisfied. This gives me hope that at some point I can stop measuring and trust myself with bags of food again.)

I almost didn't photograph my dinner because when i was making it I started shaking. I couldn't control my hands. I have no idea why. It was so bad that when I tried to take the seal off a container of onion powder I shook and spilled some on the counter.

But then my little brother wasn't stopping his video game quickly enough and so I photographed to forget about the shaking. Well, I couldn't forget but at least it distracted me.
Vegan sloppy Joe innards, green beans with sauteed onion and garlic, roasted celery and a sweet pepper for sloppy Joe scooping.


  1. "oat bran is good for the bowels" lol at least thats what my grandma always tells me ;)

    the innards of the sloppy joe is truly the best! no need for the bread when uve got the saucy mixins right!

    im suprised the cinnamon puffins are as dark as they are! thats awesome sicne they look like ciannmon toast crunch which i love, or at least love(d) lol

    hope your night is going wonderfully love! <3

  2. Isn't it funny how we sometimes get cravings for certain textures of food? Like, I hate runny oats, so if my bowl isn't firm the way I like it, I'll finish and be completely unsatisfied and left wanting more. Crazy brains.

    I'm glad to hear about your Puffins experience, hun :) I remember the first time I started allowing myself to take a little bit extra without measuring or counting it, and it's one of the most liberating feelings ever.