16 August 2010

Sleeping Kittens

I slept in this morning.
"Oh really? How long?"
Ten minutes.

Yeah...ten minutes extra is sleeping in for me. :) It made a big difference. I then sipped on some hot tea while waking up and once my little brother was off to school (about two hours later, heh.) I headed to the kitchen to start my breakfast.

I made Amanda's Baked Apple Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal.
I topped it with coconut butter that I made yesterday and some sun butter.
So as you may or may not know, yesterday was my first day trying to eat at least 1,200 calories. Well I did it. I was about 50 under but that's wiggle room. Let me tell you....wholly crap, it made a difference. I wasn't thinking about food all day. Since yesterday afternoon I have been productive and able to focus on tasks and READ!

Okay, reading is my favorite thing to do....ever. But for so long I haven't been able to focus. Sometimes it is worse than others, if I'm at school I can read assignments because I have to but sometimes it takes a while to get what I'm reading because....well...honestly my brain needs food. I didn't expect to notice a difference at all except more freaking out about calories. Truthfully...I'm so excited about this that the extra food is only slightly worrisome. I have to listen to Logic Kitte, not ED Kittie. Logic Kittie knows that she will eventually need to bump her calories up even more especially because of all the cardio she does. ED Kittie does not agree. But I know which one is right...most of the time.

Yesterday I wanted a sandwich thin and vegetables but I didn't know what to do with it. I opened up reader and all the bloggers at the HLS had pictures of the roasted vegetable/sandwich thin lunch. Well there we go, I've been craving eggplant and so this sandwich was born:
I had it with more Archer Farms roasted red pepper hummus chips

Afterward I read some e.e. Cummings while snacking on this:
Cinnamon apple slices and a frozen White Chocolate Wonderful disk. I think freezing WCW actually tastes more like a Reeses than Dark Chocolate Dreams. The DCD may taste like the dark chocolate Reeses, though. Reeses have always been my favorite candy but I haven't had any in forever so...frozen WCW ftw.

*pause* Bobby Flay just asked his assistant: "You made your own flat bread?!" "Well, no. I was going to but instead I got a store bought pizza dough and I'm going to melt some cheese on top on the grill" "That's impressive!" No, Bobby. No, that is actually not impressive at all. Sandra Lee could do that.
For some reason I just really had to share that with you all.

Back on topic...oh yeah. This is the best snack on Earth, I have decided.
Cereal, frozen blueberries, almond milk.
When I eat this snack, I am full and satisfied and it's delicious and cold and yummy and omg. Cereal as a snack is in. Cereal as breakfast never works but I love it and since I had sworn off snacks, I never got to eat it. Things are a' changin'.
They froze my almond milk. :( heh.

That held me over so well that I forgot about dinner until Dad was in the kitchen heating his up. Like...whoa.

Dinner was what I call a Mish Mash plate. It's basically my "clean out the fridge" meal and I usually like them better than a more structured dinner. I have made so many of these. It's waht I ate most nights growing up because I was the only vegetarian so I was basically the leftover side dish eater. I just pick 2-4 vegetables, 1 protein, and a carb (except I usually choose between a protein or carb :/).
This plate featured some of the beans from the boys' red beans and rice, steamed broccoli, leftover green beans, roasted acorn squash, and a whole wheat muffin. I need to give you guys the recipe for those muffins, I really love a dense savory muffin where you can taste the grainy sweetness of the wheat so i conjured up this recipe. Another thing for the to-do list.

Oh, last night I ate something delicious. It was dark but I wanted to show you...so you get a flash shot. Sorry.
Banana Soft serve, frozen blueberries, and TJ's chocolate covered edamame that I chopped up.


  1. i love adding frozen berries in and the milk starts to freeze around it. especially with yogurt, it works really well.

    i wish i could sleep in, i seriously cant remember the last time i slept past 9am.. probably many many moons ago. im TOO much of a morning girl lol


  2. Haha. Sleeping in was 6:10 AM. Yes, I love mornings as well. So quiet.